Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions
In an effort to provide you with the highest level of service and to ensure your ongoing satisfaction, we need to inform you about our policies.
Deliveries will arrive between 6:00 am and 10:00 am.
For specific delivery arrangements, the subscribing member is required to email team@sub10.fit at least one day before the next delivery date.

Bag Policy:
All of our meals arrive in microwave-safe containers, and are delivered inside an insulated lunch bag with ice packs so you can conveniently carry your meals with you throughout the day. It is your responsibility to refrigerate your meals after delivery has been made.

Pause Your Membership:
If you wish to pause your meal plan, you may do so through your Account page once you’ve logged in. You may pause your account within 48 hours of your next scheduled delivery. After this deadline has passed, the next delivery or pick up is considered confirmed. Any changes made after the cutoff will become effective the following week.

Same-Day Notification Policy:
If for any reason, you have a discrepancy with your order (i.e. did not receive order, missing or incorrect items, etc.) please contact us the SAME DAY of your delivery/pickup so we can resolve the issue in a timely manner. If you do not contact us by 8:00 pm on your scheduled delivery/pickup date, we will not be able to correct the issue.

Your credit or debit card will be billed every week, unless you pause your membership.

Refund Policy:
All charges are non-refundable. Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions because of the advanced planning necessary for meal production and delivery scheduling. Once your payment has been processed, there are no refunds or credits. As a member, you are responsible for providing adequate notice for all account updates including, but not limited to, meal packages, billing information, and service freezes.

Food Allergies and/or Food-Based Medical Conditions:
If you have any life-threatening food allergies or medical conditions that are food-related, we strongly recommend you discontinue service immediately. SUB10 will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed.

Medication/Doctor-Prescribed Diet Plans:
If you are taking medication, you must consult your physician before you start our meal programs. SUB10’s programs do not replace a physician’s advice; if you are using our meal plans as part of a doctor-prescribed diet, you shall be ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with such diet. Furthermore, if you have diabetes or other medical conditions of any kind, you shall be responsible for maintaining your diet to ensure compliance with the requirements of such conditions. Our meal recommendations shall not be deemed medical advice.

Food Sensitivities and Allergies:
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING WHETHER ANY FOOD ALLERGIES MAY OCCUR. Although we will provide ingredient lists as and when requested, SUB10 is not responsible for any allergic or other adverse reactions you might have to our food.