Corporate Wellness

SUBX® – unlock your employees' full potential with our dedicated wellness experts and transformative programs.

Exclusive Access
Provide exclusive online access for your team, offering essential resources and videos to support their wellness journey.
Tailored coaching sessions focused on individual goals, delivering personalized plans on a monthly or quarterly basis to drive employee well-being.
Group WELLNESS Sessions
Comprehensive Programming
Host engaging group sessions, whether virtually or on-site, to educate and inspire employees on various wellness topics, fostering a sense of community and motivation.
Holistic Wellness Experiences
Comprehensive Programming
Arrange immersive wellness experiences such as team fitness sessions and mindfulness workshops, supported by wellness partners, to promote holistic well-being among employees.
Health AssessmentS & Guidance
Comprehensive Programming
Conduct comprehensive health assessments and offer personalized guidance and recommendations to support employees' physical and mental well-being.
Comprehensive Programming
Provide continuous support through workshops, content, and challenges, ensuring employees have the resources and motivation to maintain their wellness goals over time.

Our clients share their success

Explore the transformational journeys of our Corporate Wellness partners as they share their experiences and the positive impact our tailored programs have had on their teams' well-being.

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Their dedication to providing nutritious meals for our team during Covid-19 went above and beyond. We're beyond thrilled with their support and the positive impact it had on our staff morale.

CHOC Children's Hospital
Orange, CA
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Their delicious and nutritious meal prep options gave our team a refreshing alternative to the usual pizza fare during company lunches. Their commitment to employee health and well-being definitely raised the bar for workplace satisfaction.

Irvine, CA
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SUBX brought a whole new level of convenience and satisfaction to our building tenants! With their healthy meal options available right on-site, our tenants could skip the hassle of leaving the building. It was a win-win scenario that everyone appreciated.

Southern California Region


Access to self-guided training, live feedback sessions, and comprehensive educational resources.

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Engaging sessions covering nutrition, weight loss, and healthy habits conducted at your workplace.

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Personalized plans including on-site training, monthly engagements, and expert assessments.

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